Sara Birchard
Digital Product / UX Designer
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WeWork x HiThrive


— WeWork was the first company to partner with us and implement HiThrive into their business

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Product Designer; Interaction Designer; Motion Designer

Product Teaser


When an employee joins HiThrive, they can switch between two different experiences: their own personal account and their business account. On the business side, employees can earn awards from their company and send HiThrives to fellow coworkers whereas on the personal side, they can send HiThrives to people across all companies.


Assigning Values


Companies can add values to their organization which can then be attached to HiThrives. For example, if an employee is a team player and that is one of the company’s values, it can be attached to a HiThrive. These values can be collected to earn flair, which can be redeemed for prizes once enough has been collected.



Employees can earn flair by hitting certain milestones which are set by their company - it can be a work anniversary, exhibiting a company value, or simply getting a set number of HiThrives. This is fully customizable by the company through their dashboard.