Sara Birchard
Digital Product / UX Designer
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True Gault

True Gault

What is True Gault?

True Gault is a Manhattan-based fashion startup that specializes in creating custom high heel shoes. What sets True Gault apart from other shoe retailers is that they custom build each pair of shoes in Spain based on 3D scans of customer's feet. When I first joined True Gault, the only way to do this was by visiting the showroom and using the scanner but soon everything changed...

My Role

True Gault was ready to expand their scanning system beyond their showroom in the summer of 2016, and that's where I came in. I lead the design of the iOS application as well as the website and iPad application. By designing this app, I helped expand the customer base from local New Yorkers to anybody in the US or Canada. The app is now the core of the business, and operates mainly online. I lead the design of the app from beginning to end, from creating the wireframes to choosing the typefaces and releasing the final product. Throughout the process, I worked closely with the CEO and CTO to make sure my design was aligning with their expectations.

Mobile Shopping Wireframes

These are (some of) the wireframes that I created for the shopping & checkout flow, from adding the product into the cart all the way to the confirmation page.


Mobile Shopping Final Screens


Sucessful Scanning Flow

In order to purchase a pair of shoes, users need to scan their feet using the app by taking 3 pictures of each foot. The app then generates 3D models of the feet from which molds are created and used as a guide for making the shoes. Once successfully scanning, users will be asked to answer a series of questions to further personalize their preferences/personal information for future purchases. This flow assumes that the user is able to complete both sets of scans successfully and then answers "no" to the question about whether they have any issues with their feet.

Fitting Section

The fitting section of the app was where users would report the fit of the shoe that they had received. Based on the feedback, the shoe could be sent back to be readjusted. I created the shoe/foot renders in Illustrator and adjusted them based on feedback that I got throughout the process.

Mobile UI Walkthrough


Website Shopping Wireframes

This is a sample of some of the wireframes I created for the website, exploring different options and positioning of elemnts on the page.


Website UI Walkthrough


App Press Features