Sara Birchard
Digital Product / UX Designer

HiThrive Web App

—a web app that enables coworkers to send shoutouts to each other.



After working with several businesses, we got consistent feedback that companies were not allowed to require their employees to download an app to their phone. Up until this point, we had focused all of our attention on the iOS and Android apps. When we decided to shift direction to a web application (accessible from any device with internet access), we also stepped back at took a more holistic view of the product.

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Product Designer; Visual Designer

My Role


Employee turnover rates have steadily increased every year for the past decade. When asked why, employees often say that they felt under-appreciated and like their work and efforts had gone unnoticed.



To create an easy, intuitive, and fun way for coworkers to recognize each other within their company.

To maintain engagement within the app and incentivize employees to continue to use the platform.

For employees to feel recognized by higher-up managers and bosses.



In my opinion, it’s very important to check out what competitors are doing in order to identify patterns, what is and isn’t working, and what differentiates the product that I am working on from other similar products.

Competitive Analysis


When working on a new product, I typically list every potential feature that I can think of. I will then split these up using the MoSCoW Method, and weed out everything that is not essential for the MVP. Once I have identified the essential components, I will do a card sorting activity where I group these components into categories I think make sense.

Info Architecture


These two flows represent two different entrance points into the web app: the first assumes you are not signed up whereas the second flow is if you have an account. This is determined by the device accessing the web app.



We got a lot of feedback and insights from all three of our user groups - customers, employees, and managers. A lot of this feedback came from the apps which we used to test the overall structure and flows of the web app, which was essentially a modification of the apps.

1) The feed on the apps was visually cluttered - there were so many things going on that it made difficult to know what to do

2) Switching from employee to customer side of the app (and vice versa) was confusing for nearly everybody

3) There was no need for “nearby businesses”

The conclusion from some of the feedback that we received was that there was too much going on - as we built upon what we had in the apps, the information architecture no longer made sense in a lot of cases.





Abbreviated App Map + High Fidelity Mockups