Sara Birchard
Digital Product / UX Designer


Gilt Bespoke

The Team

My team was given two weeks to add a social feature to the existing Gilt mobile app in order to engage users and foster connections between users and brands. I worked on a team with two other UX designers: Eunice Kim (PM) and Evan Schwartz.

The Problem

As an online marketplace that specializes in aggregating luxury fashion and lifestyle products, Gilt wants to broaden its customer base through social engagement because their current business model can’t keep up with their growing industry.

With companies like Pinterest and Polyvore either moving into e-commerce or expanding the role of social on their existing e-commerce platforms, Gilt would like to explore a social feature for users of their app. The intent is to foster connections between users and brands to increase engagement and drive sales.


Business Goal: To foster connections between users and brands to increase engagement and drive sales.

Research Goal: To identify opportunities for improvement in the current app to increase social connection between users, help customers create and edit a style profile, and also recommend personalized items.

Competitive & Comparative Analysis

We began by identifying our main competitors: One Kings Lane, Rue La La, Polyvore, Zara and Pinterest. We conducted heuristic analysis as well as layout comparisons using these other companies.

Some takeaways from this:

  • Large product pictures are good, especially on mobile
  • Find a way to display many products on one page but still visible

Survey Results

Once we had done some preliminary research about the company and its competitors, we decided that it was time to send out some surveys. We ended up getting about 80 respondents which gave us some general info about how people shop online and via mobile apps. From these participants, we chose to interview 11 of them to get some more in-depth information about how they go about shopping online.

Interview Highlights


Emma is our primary persona whom we identified through our survey and user interviews. We focused on her needs throughout the process of designing the app while keeping our secondary persona in mind as well.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.47.37 PM.png

Zeke is our secondary persona whom we identified through our surveys and user interviews. 

User Scenario

“As an authority at her fashion startup, Emma wants to make sure she stands out at the conference next weekend. She has back-to-back meetings until then and only has a few minutes to pull it together. Emma has also been stuck in a rut and hasn’t been impressed with what she’s seen online.”


These are our final user flows (after many iterations) of both the Bespoke checkout flow as well as setting up a style profile. 



App Map

This is our app map, highlighting each of the screens and where every page of the app lives. 

The prototype

Spec Doc