Sara Birchard
Digital Product / UX Designer

Dog Parker (now DogSpot)

UX/UI redesign of the Dog Parker app, 2017-2018


— a Brooklyn-based startup that focuses on creating smart dog houses located outside of businesses.


First of all, what is Dog Parker?

Dog Parker is a Brooklyn-based startup that focuses on creating smart dog houses located outside of businesses. The goal is to create a safe space for dogs while their owners are inside of establishments that do not welcome dogs. They are completely ethical and super awesome.

The house is controlled primarily by an app, which allows users to reserve houses and unlock them. Once the door is closed, they are charged $0.20/min until they reopen the house with the app. For those who prefer not to use the app, member cards are also available. However, a majority of the users stick with the app.


My Role

UX/UI Designer

Initial Problems & Solutions

Sign-up Flow

The biggest issue that I identified with the app was with the sign up flow. The first time that a user created an account, they would be pushed to this screen where they would be forced to enter a credit card number in order to continue. The reasoning behind this was that in order to use a house, this information needed to be collected in order to secure a person's identity. 

My first proposal was to allow users to skip this screen and explore the app before having to commit to entering their credit card number. After all, Dog Parker is a start-up so they still need to build up user's trust. 

As soon as a user would try to reserve a house, however, this information would be collected. 

false exit.png


The user still gets the payment method screen when they first sign up for the app, but they can choose to enter it or skip entering. If they skip entering it, then the user has free reign of the app until they try to unlock a house - at this point, they'll be asked for their credit card information. This allows the user to explore the app and understand how it works before fully committing to it.


The Map

map solution.png



New Content Creation

In addition to redesigning existing parts of the app, I helped to create new sections that had not previously existed. This included survey pop-up questions served after a user's session, error messages, offline flows, sweepstakes, account portal and helping create the entire design system for the app. 

Post Session Pop-up Modals

These are the different short "surveys" that we created in order to get more user feedback about the app and company as a whole. Each is served at a different point in time. For example, after the user's first time they are offered a free membership card to be mailed to their home. Once they have used the app a bit more, they are asked how likely they are to recommend Dog Parker to a friend or whether they planned their visit or not.


Jackpawt Sweepstakes

This is the main flow that I created for a sweepstakes event that Dog Parker was hosting. The user would get one entry for every 15 minutes they would use a house within a one month period. Unfortunately, this section never went into production due to financial reasons. 

Jackpawt flow.png

Field Testing


After our designs were developed, we field tested to check for bugs and design inconsistencies or errors before release. For the map, we tested the online flows as well as the offline flows by disconnecting the house at different points in the process. We also tested the logic to make sure that the correct screens were being served at the right time of the sequence and that the app would not falsely serve success screens when the house was disrupted at some point in the connection.